About PEteacherEDU.org

As an obesity epidemic grips the nation, the demographic that is most affected is America’s school aged children and early adolescents. The fight to reverse this troubling trend and curb the strain it is placing on the U.S. healthcare system has brought into focus the importance of early and ongoing physical education.

Leading this important effort are the PE teachers within America’s schools whose job it is to not only teach safe and effective exercise, but to also encourage and inspire children and young adults to make physical activity a part of their daily routine for a lifetime.

PEteacherEDU.org was developed to help make it easier for aspiring PE teachers to learn the exact steps they need to take to become certified physical educators. This state-by-state guide serves as a dedicated resource detailing the education, student teaching and examination requirements that must be met to earn an initial teaching license coupled with PE teacher certification. This comprehensive resource also details the continuing professional education requirements that must be met in order to maintain and upgrade a teaching license, as well as graduate program options that can satisfy these requirements while contributing to salary premiums.

College students, college hopefuls, and even current teachers will find PEteacherEDU.org to be an indispensible resource as they work to prepare for a career in physical education, or improve their current educational credentials.