North Carolina P.E. Teacher Turns Local Celebrity

A Harrisburg, North Carolina P.E. teacher has taken her faith and become a local celebrity with songs published on Google Play Music and iTunes. Angie Kendall, the Harrisburg Elementary P.E. teacher began pursuing her musical career back in 2003 when she auditioned for Star Search. In 2006 she tried again with an audition for American Idol but realized that she wasn’t happy with the type of music she was singing. That’s when she decided to pursue an interest in Christian and contemporary music.

In 2014 Kendall released her first album, releasing two original songs as singles on the popular streaming sites. She credits God for the inspiration to write the songs as well as the other talented people involved with the album. “I truly take none of the credit for either of those songs. God gave me the inspiration for the words and lyrics,” Kendall said.

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A worship leader at Grace Point Community Church, Kendall turned her struggles into music. She said she wrote the two popular songs, “Open Arms of Grace” and
“Be Revealed” during a particularly difficult time in her life when she was searching for answers from God. Kendall said that she has been approached by many people who have said her songs helped them through their struggles as well.

Up until recently, Kendall had kept quiet about her musical pursuits but during a school orientation meeting when teachers were asked to share an interesting fact about themselves, she spoke about her music. Once the secret was out, students began asking her all about her road to success.

Kendall is taking her success one day at a time and is waiting for her faith to show her what steps to take next.