Albuquerque Teacher Earns 2014 New Mexico Elementary School PE Teacher of the Year Award

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Lynne Higdon was recently named the 2014 New Mexico Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year at the State Physical Education Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Higdon has been teaching physical education at Barranca Elementary School for the last ten years and is among the most respected educators not only at Barranca but throughout the entire school district.

Higdon was nominated for the award by her fellow educators, Barranca school administrators, and others from around the district primarily for teaching what has been described as a “comprehensive” teaching program that engages students in a wide variety of physical activities.

Higdon has also become known around Albuquerque for hosting a number of community events that extend the concept of physical education to the families of her students. Such events have included family hikes through New Mexico state parks, game days that feature innovative new games emphasizing fitness, and a family golf outing that was attended by almost all of her students and members of their families.

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Pam Miller, Barranca’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction, said that Higdon is the consummate professional and a “conscientious individual who works hard to make sure that students complete every task to the best of their ability.” Miller went on to say that Higdon has become known around Barranca for her unique brand of enthusiasm and her years of experience which she uses to inspire students and “ignite their eagerness to participate in class.”

According to several students, Higdon excels at creating a positive, safe, and healthy environment in which they say they feel comfortable learning physical fitness. They say they are always encouraged by Higdon regardless of their skill level or ability and that she has a knack for instilling confidence in even the shyest students and offers everyone in her classes the nurturing support she knows they need in order to enhance their level of fitness.

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