Common Core Benefits Physical Education Teachers

Common Core State Standards have caused a great deal of controversy since its implantation. While parents and educators may find issue with the new standards, it has had some positive effects in the education system. In California, for example, the hiring of physical education teachers in elementary schools is on the rise.

It seems there is somewhat of a domino-effect happening that is causing the uptick in hiring. For years physical education duties were passed on to the classroom teachers instead of being taught by teachers with degrees in the field. Now, these same classroom teachers must use their time to develop Common Core training curriculums and they no longer have the time to add physical education into their duties. Thus, the state of California is hiring more elementary P.E. teachers.

Hollister School District’s assistant superintendent, Dennis Kurtz calls the situation a “win-win” for both teachers and students. The district recently hired seven P.E. teachers for the first time ever. Kurtz call it a good thing because the students are finally receiving instruction from trained professionals. In addition, the Common Core teachers now have time to collaborate instead of doing double-duty as physical education instructors.

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The school district spent over $750,000 on equipment, salaries and aides for physical education instructors. The spending was necessary to provide the 200 minutes of P.E. that is required every 10 days. Common Core instructors no longer have the time to meet these standards.

San Lorenzo Unified School District spent a similar amount of $700,000 to hire 10 P.E. teachers for its elementary schools. Barbara DeBarger, director of elementary education called it an “aha” moment when the district decided to spend funds on the hiring of the teachers, saying that the students hadn’t been getting the quality physical education that a professional could offer.

Educators are hoping that the new trend will establish life-long fitness goals within students.