Physical Education Needs to Be Emphasized as Much as Math and Science in Schools

It’s no surprise that some kids struggle with math and science. Schools put emphasis on it and there are tutors available in many school districts to help students with these two subjects. There’s also the ever-present question of “when will I ever need to use it?” which, often times, is a valid question. Not everyone who graduates from high school will need to use a quadratic formula in everyday life. Some will, of course, but the majority won’t ever use it again.

The same can’t be said for health and fitness. We all have bodies that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. However, many schools put physical education in the background and don’t give it the attention it needs.

Kids spend most of their days in school sedentary and it has a measurable affect on their health and bodies. Physical education during the day gives school kids the advantage of a workout, while also exposing them to a sport that may interest the child later in life.

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The lessons students learn during physical education continue with them throughout their life. These lessons help promote daily activity, good nutrition, and getting outside. Schools have the ability to provide a safe environment for students to both learn and practice these habits.

While science and math are very important for students and schools, physical education should not be an afterthought. It provides key life lessons that students will carry with them for a lifetime. Students can always retake a math class or look up a solution to a science question, but they can’t get a new body.