New PE Teacher Takes Pride in His Job

Cedar Park Elementary School in Selma, Alabama has been a school that traditionally hasn’t seen much in the way of role models. The reason is not because there haven’t been several educators worthy of such a title but simply because none has made an impact on the school, on the students, and on the community to quite the degree that Physical Education teacher Adrian Ware has.

Cedar Park Elementary has not had the means to offer students a physical education program in years past and as a substitute, teachers have resorted to taking turns bringing their students outdoors to have recess. That was the extent of their “physical education.”

But things have begun looking up for Cedar Elementary as the school has been able to implement a physical education program recently. Ware, the school’s first PE educator, says that he takes a tremendous amount of pride in assuming the role and getting the students and the program “on the right path.”

So far things couldn’t possibly be going better as Ware has acclimated himself into the position very nicely and garnered praise from students, fellow teachers, administrators, and parents alike, all of whom refer to Ware simply as “Coach.”

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Ware says that he understands that he has his work cut out for him as he has to not only work with students who are experiencing their first physical education classes ever but also has to compete against the perils of technology in the form of video games and the internet that have caused an overwhelming child obesity rate around the country in general and in Selma in particular.

This is Ware’s first year on the job and as such he is only three weeks in at this point. But he has already proven his worth to students and administrators who see Ware as a role model because of his approach to physical education and to his job as a PE Educator.