Physical Education Teacher Earns Prestigious Award

Physical education teacher Eric Fargo of Massachusetts was recognized for his commitment and contributions to the Glover School community by being awarded the Margaret Voss Howard Teacher Award for 2014.

The annual award recognizes two teachers – one in the Marblehead school district and another in the Salem school district – that have demonstrated their ability and commitment to making a substantial difference in the daily lives of the children they teach.

The honor was established after Margaret Voss Howard retired from her position as the administrator of Marblehead Public Schools.

Fargo was nominated after a fellow teacher wrote a letter of recommendation for the award which was subsequently signed by twenty-five other teachers and colleagues.

The letter went into detail about Fargo’s character, his work ethic, and the many contributions he has made to his students education and to the community.

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For Fargo’s part, he has stated in an interview that he was very surprised just to have been nominated for the award, much less to have actually received it. He noted the other teachers in the district who he felt were just as deserving of receiving such an honor and that he felt humbled to have been selected for such a prestigious award from such a deserving collection of educators.

One of the fellow teachers who signed the letter was last year’s recipient of the award who said that Fargo is at the top of his profession as a physical education teacher and has a tremendous talent for designing and implementing “enriching” lessons for students at all grade levels.

Among other accomplishments that led to his nomination include his efforts in helping to raise more than $30,000 for the Jump Rope for Heart Association as well as orchestrating unique field trips for the students.

The nomination letter also described Fargo as “an exceptional teacher and colleague.”